Energy Procurement Partners, Inc.
Company Analysis
Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Management services represent a simple, cost-effective way to streamline and automate the collection, reporting, auditing, and payment of monthly utility bills. EPP's user-friendly, web based system provides clients with 24/7 access to invoice copies, cost and usage data, and over 50 standardized reports and analyses. Utility bill and usage data accuracy is assured by adhering to the following processes:
  • Usage, cost, and tariff data from each invoice are entered into a secure database
  • 70+ reasonableness checks are automatically performed on each invoice to identify potential billing errors
  • Billing errors are reviewed by a utility bill specialist and reported to the client
  • Client is notified of invoices cleared for payment
Additional, specialized cost-saving services using the data above include Historical Bill Audits, Bill Error Investigation, Tariff Rate Analysis, and Invoice Payment Services.