Energy Procurement Partners, Inc.
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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency measures represent straight-forward steps clients can take to permanently reduce their energy requirements - often at attractive payback periods due to the availability of rebates and incentives from local utilities and financial incentives from State and Federal governments. EPP works with a network of energy efficiency experts with proven experience in project design, turnkey installation, rebate and incentive approval, system commissioning, and project financing. Getting started is quick and easy:
  • An energy audit is performed at the client's facility to identify system upgrades and retrofits
  • Audit results and savings projections are submitted to the client and local utility
  • Rebates and incentives (Prescriptive or Custom) are approved by the utility
  • Financing options are identified for client's perusal (utility, third party, or client)
  • Contract is issued for client review and approval
Rebates and incentives change constantly - energy audits performed by EPP enable us to identify and monitor the availability of rebates and incentives suitable for your business