Energy Procurement Partners, Inc.
Company Analysis
Solar Power

Solar power systems (or PV systems) represent a long term energy procurement strategy and a cost effective source of electricity in states with viable renewable energy incentives. Solar power systems deliver a reliable block of electricity during peak hours when demand and prices for grid-supplied electricity are highest. By combining the ability of solar power systems to displace grid-supplied electricity and an electricity supply product that rewards peak- shaving, electricity consumers can significantly reduce costs and achieve long term price certainty for a significant portion of their load.

EPP works with clients to identify and evaluate opportunities to install rooftop and ground-mounted solar power systems at their facility - from preliminary feasibility analyses to the issuance of Request for Bids for direct installation or power purchase agreements. Services include:
  • Preliminary Feasibility Analysis
  • Site Identification
  • Site Visit and Documentation
  • Site Assessment and Layout
  • Requests for Bids
Additional solar power related services include analysis and procurement of electricity supply options that maximum the value of both grid supplied and solar power generated electricity, as well as the installation of metering and monitoring solutions to verify output for production guarantees and sales under power purchase agreements.