Energy Procurement Partners, Inc.
Company Analysis

The integration of energy and financial markets has led to the growth and complexity of energy supply products available to retail energy customers. These products range from full requirements fixed price products - designed to hedge against market volatility - all the way to index-based variable price products - designed to benefit customers able to respond to market price signals. It is not surprising that the biggest challenge facing most commercial and industrial energy customers is determining which electricity supply product is right for their business.

EPP utilizes historical and future energy market data, utility tariff rates, customer load profiles and facility characteristics, and knowledge of energy supplier products and services to identify energy supply products and purchasing strategies that best meet the budgetary goals and risk tolerances of our clients.

We work with multiple, qualified energy suppliers to develop the lowest prices and negotiate the most advantageous contract terms and conditions for our clients. We ensure that our clients understand the similarities and differences among contracts and that all offers are thoroughly and fairly evaluated. We provide our clients with comprehensive analyses supporting our recommendations and work diligently to facilitate contract execution and initiation of service.

Our client-focused approach continues throughout the contract term as we provide updates on future purchasing opportunities and notices regarding regulatory changes in order to further mitigate risks and lower costs. EPP also monitors and reports on contract performance and assists our clients with questions regarding the energy supply contract, billing, utility tariff rates, and other energy-related matters.