Energy Procurement Partners, Inc.
Company Analysis
Demand Response

Demand Response programs enable clients to generate revenue by reducing energy usage when demand and prices on the electricity grid are at their peaks. EPP works with clients to identify load that can be curtailed when called upon by the electricity grid operator in economic and emergency situations, and also for purposes of reducing future capacity and transmission costs.
  • Curtailable load is identified and quantified at client facilities
  • Customized proposals are solicited from licensed Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Proposals and contracts are evaluated to identify the most advantageous terms, conditions, and revenue streams
  • Client signs contract with CSP guaranteeing payment for performance
  • When called upon by the grid operator, client reduces usage by the agreed upon amount
  • Client is paid according to the contract
The above is based on PJM's Demand Response Capacity Market. Clients may be eligible for more than one program depending on curtailment capabilities.